Dear english-speaking patient,

welcome to our office in Bremen-Vegesack.

We will help you with your illness issues, answer any questions you may have on health and, if needed, advise you to transfer to a suitable specialist.

We are a team of general practitioners and doctors for internal medicine. And our office has all the equipment available for an efficient diagnosis.

All doctors speak english very well. Our assistants will also understand you, if you talk slowly and clearly, especially on the phone.

Please make an appointment if you like to visit us:

0421 669039

Because of the pandemic you need to make an appointment for every visit. In case of acute illnesses, there are appointments for the very same day. 

If you come for the first time to our office, please bring a list of your current medication, your vaccination document and in case of any allergy inform us directly.

We wish you a healthy and joyful stay in Bremen, especially during your time at Jacobs University.